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Isle of Crete. 5AM. Spring break. Sophomore year of college. The fishermen. The Aegean. The Mantra. “Don’t go back. Don’t go back.” Moved to Paros. Then Rome, to study the language of my ancestors. It was impossible to have that moment on a beach in Greece, then go back to life as it used to be.

Most people had temp jobs. I had temp careers. Municipal Bond Liaison. Educational trainer, Literacy Specialist. My Mother’s Caregiver. Actor. Now, I have permanent ones. Communications Trainer. Solo Performer, Writer. Different jobs. One goal. Stop small problems from becoming big ones.

The route. No doubt circuitous.

Current Project:

The Price of Courage – Using theatre to create powerful conversations that educate and enlighten anywhere from the living room to the boardroom.

The result of moments that led to other moments. A chance encounter on a train that led to lunch theatre. A manufacturing executive’s invitation to perform for a living room salon. An organizational management professor’s need to highlight the use of the narrative.

The moments that make up our lives chart our course. Listen to their message. Then say yes.

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