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  Preventing small problems from becoming front page news it all starts with listening.
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Since that morning on the beach in Crete, Iíve been driven to chart new courses. To mold and stretch, to get underneath and over existing paradigms. To borrow from this discipline, take a little from that one, throw in something from the one over here. Thatís what I do as a communications trainer. My backgrounds in theatre, coaching and education make it simple.

I have a confession. I came to communications training through The Price of CourageÖ but it wasnít my idea. After a performance at Brooklynís Central Library, a former banking executive suggested I use the play as a corporate training vehicle. I liked the idea, but I had a full touring plate. After a living room salon, an accounting executive told me the same thing. The third time someone suggested it, I thought okay, okay, letís figure this out.

My experience in coaching and education were highly transferrable skills. Iíd worked on a muni bond desk and saw the inner workings of finance. Still, I needed more. When a mentor suggested the Harvard Business Schoolís Case Study Method, that was it. Iíd already written a play full of questions, questions quite honestly, I didnít have the answers to. The only answers I had were what I, and audience members had shared about what could have been done differently. That doesnít, however, mean those ideas would have worked. And guess what? Thatís the point. And, why I do it.

Every organization has its own culture. Its own structure. Each, its own employees and stakeholders with different communication styles. The only solution Iím sure of is this. It all starts with listening. Listening to the message beneath the words.

My role - to help you hear the subtext. To guide you to uncover the strategies that work best for your organization so that small problems donít become big ones.

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