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Michele Fulves in Price of Courage

Why use theatre as a training tool?

For the same reason we go to the theatre. To step out of our reality and listen to someone elseís story. Theatre is an agreement between artists and audience. We create the world. You enter it. Thatís the deal. Afterwards, we talk about it. No other art form creates such an immediate and immediate simulation of relationships and events that arenít our own. Why? Because weíre all in the same room, listening to the same story. The only difference - the actorsí reactions are predetermined. Our reactions are complex and intensely personal. After an evening of theatre, conversations abound about who should have done this and why didnít they do that? We all become experts on shoulda, woulda, coulda. And if weíre lucky, we come away with compassion and a little bit more enlightened about humanity and how to make it better.

Michele Fulves in Price of Courage
The Price of Courage
was designed to have a life outside the theatre. I envisioned performances anywhere from the living room to the boardroom and all points in between. Crafted to inspire robust conversations about following oneís moral compass no matter the outcome. Q & Aís and talkbacks follow the performance.

For educational and corporate training purposes, itís the perfect tool. Audience members are relaxed and engaged without having to do the dreaded icebreaker activity. Or, if a unique idea for an evening of entertainment is what youíre looking for, why not a host a salon?

I collaborate with clients to design programs, trainings and events most suitable to their needs.

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